Restore Your Oral Health With Root Canal Treatment

If you have a severely decayed, damaged or injured tooth, then root canal treatment might be for you. Our dental specialists are happy to offer this treatment to restore your oral health and fix your smile. To find out if this treatment is right for you, schedule an appointment today. To help you know more about root canal treatment in... read more »

Better Smiles Begin by Preventing Dental Erosion

Are you aware of all the risk factors associated with dental erosion? Oftentimes, individuals are too focused on other aspects of their health to think about keeping her mouth clean. Anything you put in your mouth has the potential to damage your smile and introduce harmful bacteria. The best way to prevent dental erosion is to keep your mouth clean.... read more »

Why People Have Fallen in Love With Invisalign®

Do you know why people have fallen in love with Invisalign®? If not, we have an exciting update for you! Invisalign is a unique system that is hard to be seen by others and allows you the freedom to adjust your smile. Drs. Cloward, Siddiqui and Balcar, our orthodontists in Glendale, Arizona, offers Invisalign along with this information to help... read more »

Superior Smiles Include Malocclusion Treatments

  Even though malocclusions, also known as bad bites, are oral health conditions in which your teeth are out of their alignment, orthodontic treatments are designed to help treat them. Even if you have severely misaligned teeth or issues were your teeth are overcrowded, or in the wrong position, malocclusion treatment is possible through the use of orthodontic procedures. Malocclusions... read more »