Superior Smiles Include Malocclusion Treatments

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Even though malocclusions, also known as bad bites, are oral health conditions in which your teeth are out of their alignment, orthodontic treatments are designed to help treat them. Even if you have severely misaligned teeth or issues were your teeth are overcrowded, or in the wrong position, malocclusion treatment is possible through the use of orthodontic procedures.

Malocclusions are a problem because anytime your teeth are out of their alignment, it makes the chance for dental damage much greater. Furthermore, it can lead to several other oral health risks such as the potential for tooth fracture and decay. If you have issues with your incisors such as underbites, overbites, open bites, or misplaced midlines, they will need to be treated with orthodontic alignments.

Other common forms of malocclusions include overcrowded teeth, gaps between teeth, teeth out of the proper alignment, and teeth that are erupting in your mouth in the wrong location. If you are suffering from any of these forms of malocclusion, visit your orthodontist to determine which treatments will be best for correcting your smile and giving you straighter teeth in a natural relation to your jaw and facial structure.

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